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 Few bugs i've encountered

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PostSubject: Few bugs i've encountered   Fri Mar 20, 2015 6:26 am

1- My beldum just got poisoned from weedle poison sting.

Beldum is steel type and should not get poisoned as its immune to poison.

2- Also as shown in the ss . Due to take down recoil damage my hp is 11.25 . wiche should be rounded to 11 hp only ^^

3- While battling metapod . it kept raising its defense with harden infinity time Instead of saying "Metapod defense cant go any higher" As we know 6 stages is the maximum in lowering or upping any state.

Thanks for reading . I just joined game and will try to report any bug i find ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Few bugs i've encountered   Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:30 am

1) we will remake the battle system at some point , to make it perfect, so all related bugs will be fixed, but it will take sometime until we get there.

2)we will look that up

3) metapod defense does not go to infinity, it only go up to stage 6, however the "description text" says a wrong information. what I mean is: after you reach maximun stage the game will not change your status anymore, but will also not tell you the move is failing.

Thanks for reporting, the game will get much better!
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Few bugs i've encountered
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