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 Open Beta is now Open!!!!

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PostSubject: Open Beta is now Open!!!!   Tue Feb 24, 2015 7:31 pm

Ok, I will stop being redundant now...
So this is it, after two years of development and one closed beta,
Pokemon The MMORPG is open to play , not only chosen people can play, everyone can play.

If you still didn't download the game go ahead and do it here:

Before you play the game we really recommend that you watch some tutorials, it will make your learn about the game,
and because of my accent you might laugh a bit!

Infos About the game:

Before anyone ask, the game contains 493 pokemons and will have more by the end of the year.

Day and Night matters in this game, which means, some Pokemon will only appear in the Night and other only in the Day, some Pokemon don't care about that, others are more picky.

The battlesytem is working very well, but it is not perfect, for many reasons.

The first one being that the language in which the game is made, does not support many features that are needed to make a really good Pokemon Battle System, another one being that we still didn't track all of the attacks that are not working correctly.
All of that will change when we remake the Battle System to make it perfect, it will happen by Version 2.0, refer to the Pokemon RoadMap for more info.

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Open Beta is now Open!!!!
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