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 Pokemon IV's - EV's - Nature Guide

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Pokemon IV's - EV's - Nature Guide Empty
PostSubject: Pokemon IV's - EV's - Nature Guide   Pokemon IV's - EV's - Nature Guide EmptyFri Mar 20, 2015 2:06 pm

For Who dont know The pokemon general basics , This simple Guide will Discuss the Basics of Pokemon in the game.

-What are IV's ?

# IV's Refer to Individual Value , Each Pokemon When born get certain IV's that Cant be changed . IV's are Ranged Between 0 -> 31 . Letting 0 the worst and 31 the Best for the state.

Kingler at lvl 100 Has Health points Range from 220 to 251 , If my Kingler IV's are 0 then my kingler at lvl 100 will have 220 Health Points , If my Kingler at lvl 100 has 31 IVs then My Kingler will have 251 Health Points And So on for other states. ( in the previous Example i didnt put EV's or Nature in calculations )


What are EV's ?

# EV's Refer to Effort Value , When ur pokemon Kills wild pokemon It gain EV Depending on the pokemon you have killed . Each pokemon gives certain EV's wiche u can check google for it (Ex: Killing Rattata gives 1 speed ev . Killing Ekans gives 1 attack ev .. And so on)

Each Pokemon Can have 510 Max evs With 255 Max in each state.(So if i want to make my pokemon get More HP i ev train him in hp until its EV's gets 255).

How does EV's Up ur state ?
Each 4 EV's Give to your pokemon 1 extra state , So if u want to get the most benefit . Max to go in each state is 252 EV's ( So ye 252 / 4 = 63 wiche is 63 points extra on this state ).


What Are Natures ?

#Each Pokemon Born with certain Nature that Cant be Changed , Nature Increase your pokemon in certain state by 10% and Also Decrease Other state by 10%. (Some Natures Doesnt give any increase or decrease in states)

So Simply For example Adamant nature , Wiche Gives the pokemon +10% in attack state and -10% in special attack state . Wiche is good nature for physical type pokemon & So on .

Here is List of Natures In game & Their Effects:

Pokemon IV's - EV's - Nature Guide PjayC2j
Picture taken from


So How to Check my pokemon IVs & EVs ??

From the game Homepage . Login to ur account . Then Click on "My Account" in the top And u will be able to see ur pokes and all the information about them including ivs and evs.

Pokemon IV's - EV's - Nature Guide TWv4Tha

Pokemon IV's - EV's - Nature Guide GuG4cc7

Hope This guide Helped You guys & Cheers
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Pokemon IV's - EV's - Nature Guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pokemon IV's - EV's - Nature Guide   Pokemon IV's - EV's - Nature Guide EmptySat Mar 21, 2015 12:08 pm

Good Guide! Even showed how to deal with our website, very well done! + 3 Rep
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Pokemon IV's - EV's - Nature Guide
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