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PostSubject: Cover.Bugs.1   Cover.Bugs.1 EmptySun Mar 22, 2015 5:52 am

There are total of 23 Bugs in this thread
Few Bugs/Map errors/Spelling errors i've encountered:

Note: I Realized that Almost every "m" in game is typed as "n" . So most spelling errors are related to that.

1- In the ss.anne ship , In almost all rooms this tile need to be blocked

Cover.Bugs.1 GGyePL0

2- After i used HM Cut . it dissapeared . But HM's should have unlimited use.(the only way is to talk to same npc to take the HM again But this means everytime i need to learn the hm i go to the npc to take it)

3- There is no way to release ur pokemon for now

4- South cerulean . the trainer tips says: itens Instead of items

Cover.Bugs.1 SsHsmB9

5- Cerulean pokemart says "Buy some itens , you will need then in you journey"

Instead of "Buy some items , you will need them in your journey"

Cover.Bugs.1 CG7ap2s

6- Metagross Hp not fully appearing in the icon => 156/15

Cover.Bugs.1 79qXlXf

7- This npc in PC beside rock tunnel entrance (Cerulean side) Should say "differently" Not "diferently"

Cover.Bugs.1 NuZRxpw

8- Same PC beside rock tunnel entrance (Cerulean side) . This npc should say "Nuggets are useless , That's why i sold mine for 5000$"

Cover.Bugs.1 V8VUUWG

9- When u come to use ur pc box . It should say "Lose" Not "Loose"

Cover.Bugs.1 C1WEuDe

10- In the battle window . In the top middle remain the word "Moves" from the last update ^^
Also "itens" should be "items"

Cover.Bugs.1 YNA9EQ4

11- In Rock tunnel(Cant remembre wiche floor) . This npc should say "Maybe im lost in here"

Cover.Bugs.1 L610Htj

12- In the same floor of Rock tunnel . This npc When battle him says "Disrepectfull kid" Instead of "Disrespectful kid"

Cover.Bugs.1 UjFXETF
Cover.Bugs.1 MK6HKzt

13- When ur pokemon use a move but its asleep . the move still loses PP

14- When ur pokemon Leech Seed Attack kills the oppenent pokemon . the battle just end before/without ur pokemon regen some of its hp from the Leech seed.

15- I attacked oppenent nidoran first , Then oppenent nidoran used Bite and said "Ivysaur is flinched" But flinch happens only if user attacked first.

16- Route 8 . This npc should say "chemistry" not "cheministry"

Cover.Bugs.1 Dm7j7ya

17- Small map bug(the pc tile) in the underground tunnel Between Route 8 And Route 7

Cover.Bugs.1 ZG7nFu9

18- Wrong layer in route 7 . its over my sprite.

Cover.Bugs.1 Hykou2O

EDIT: 19- Lavender tower . has wierd numbers in the top left of the screen . no idea what r they for so maybe a bug xD

Cover.Bugs.1 BC5Gk2k


20- Route 16 when u type /pokemon . it says that meowth - pidgey - bellsprout - oddish - vulpix - growlith spawn there , But actually they dont .. Only Doduo - Rattata - Spearow - Fearow - Raticate - Snorlax(Not confirmed yet). Spawn there

Also when u type /pokemon .. it always says Magikarp - Good Rod - Anytime ... Am sure Magikarp is Old Rod only.

21- This tiles need to be blocked in Cycling road(Celadon side).
- All the tiles that has those trainer tips need to be blocked on the cycling road . i provided 2 screenshots.

Cover.Bugs.1 AqbgHtR
Cover.Bugs.1 38XEk1v

At the end of the cycling road this tile u can pass from and move on water/grass as shown

Cover.Bugs.1 Tf1ywBw
Cover.Bugs.1 ShgEMLP

Also cycling road has no npc's (i think its already known but thought to mention xD)

22- Small Map bug in the safari zone(the map in the top north).

Cover.Bugs.1 5o1jJ36

23- Surfing south pallet town . this tiles need to be blocked.

Cover.Bugs.1 Gmj4Qti

New Bugs will go to New thread later on.
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Cover.Bugs.1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cover.Bugs.1   Cover.Bugs.1 EmptyMon Mar 23, 2015 2:23 pm

Ok, so I just fxed all of the bugs you said, except for>

22-) It is a graphical glitche caused by Game Studio Engine, it not our fault that it happens :/
17-) Same as above

2-) HMs are consumed because of a limitation in our inventory system, it would be too messy to change the inventory system, so this will stay as is. (I admit it, this one is poorly programmed, and I would have made it in a complete different way nowadays)

20-)  I was unable to reproduce this one, maybe the command is retaining pokemon from the last time you used it. I will look deeply into this bug later.

14) Below
15) Anything related to the battle system is being ignored right now, because we will remake it completely to make a perfect battle system( to allow party battles, abilities and other cool stuff)
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