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 Hey you, Pikachu!

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Hey you, Pikachu! Empty
PostSubject: Hey you, Pikachu!   Hey you, Pikachu! EmptyThu Mar 26, 2015 10:41 am

Hey guys! So I guess our community is growing everyday, so I wanted to create this topic so everyone could get to know each other!

So maybe some people already know me from the game, I've been playing since the alpha and it has been lots of fun. You guys dont even know how the game was before the beta. Many fatal errors, roll backs, bugs, but franz has been working a lot!

I am from Brazil, but right now Im living in Canada, any Canadians over here??! I am 22, and currently studying at UofT, Computer Engineering.

Ill be probably working on the new battle system, since franz has a lot to work on, and a I hope to finish it asap.

Anyway, what about you? How you guys doing?
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Hey you, Pikachu! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey you, Pikachu!   Hey you, Pikachu! EmptyTue Mar 31, 2015 2:57 pm

Hey! Not Canadian, I'm a little bit south. Mid-west of the US. I'm only 13, but I consider myself a smart 13 year old.

I love working with computers and learning how to code. It just interests me how everything links together to make something bigger.

I'm also big into sports. I do a lot of traveling for wrestling, going around the country for tournaments, and I play (American) football and baseball, but a little more casually. I also enjoy watching sports of any kind. Minus soccer and basketball.

I've been trying to squeeze time in to play, but I've been really busy. I'll hopefully be more active soon.
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Hey you, Pikachu!
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